Environmental Pollution

Inappropriate treatment and disposal of biomedical waste contributes significantly to environmental pollution. Uncontrolled incineration causes air pollution which leads to increased allergies. Dumping of waste in drains, tanks, lakes and rivers as a means of easy disposal causes clogging of drains and water pollution. The dumping of untreated biomedical waste in these areas increases the possibility of survival, proliferation and mutation of pathogenic microbes in the municipal waste. The potable water system is contaminated, and antibiotic resistance also disseminates in the community, along with epidemics of gastroenteritis. Unscientific methods of land filling as a means of final disposal causes soil pollution In many parts of the country bio-medical waste is neither segregated nor disinfected. It is indiscriminately dumped into municipal bins, along the roadsides, into water bodies or is being burnt in the open air. This leads to proliferation and spread of infectious, dangerous and fatal communicable diseases.